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Email addresses validation online
"smart" email database cleaning

Using this service, you can clear the database of email addresses from erroneous addresses, duplicates, spam traps, disabled domains and nonexistent users. As you know, some services (for example, mail.ru) do not immediately display an error message and respond about a non-existent user only upon receipt of the letter. And this adversely affects the reputation of your domains! Our service perfectly identifies non-existent users of all email services!


Batch check:

TXT or CSV file with addresses in ANY form (either 1 per line, or separated by a space or comma). In one order there should not be more than 200,000 addresses! If you have more than 200,000 addresses, split the file into several parts or use the API to check!
You can make no more than 5 free queries per day!
In case of excess, the following tariffs apply:
Up to 100 requests: 1 WMC (~ )
from 101 to 1000 requests: 0.30 WMC (~ )
from 1001 to 10000 requests: 0.20 WMC (~ )
from 10001 to 100000 requests: 0.10 WMC (~ )
from 100001 requests: 0.08 WMC (~ )


Checking for errors in email addresses
syntax and RFC errors
Duplicate Removal
repeated addresses
Removing "dangerous" addresses (for example, ABUSE addresses)
addresses from which complaints about senders are registered
Removing Spam Traps
trap database is updated automatically
Checking the existence of a domain
recipient domain registration checking
Checking MX records of the domain
checking the settings of the receiving mail server

API for email addresses validation

You can use the API to automatically check email addresses. To do this, get the API key. The cost of checking a single address using the API is 0.10 WMC (~ ). The limit of free API calls is 5 calls.
URL for API call (GET method):
// Sample code for PHP:
$email4check = "user@google.com";
$result = file_get_contents("https://en.guelman.ru/userapi/checkemail/YOUR_API_KEY/".$email4check);
echo $result;

Examples of returned results:

Results are returned in plain text:
OK - address exists;
error_concurrent - concurrent call error (see below);
error_invalid - invalid address;
error_nouser - user does not exist;
error_abuse - dangerous address (type 1);
error_spam - dangerous address (type 2);
error_trap - spam trap or fake address;
warning_nomx - domain's MX records not found;
error_nodns - domain not found;
hand_check - address conditionally exists.
Attention! We have no restrictions on the frequency and number of API requests! The only condition is that you should not use simultaneous API calls without waiting for the result of the previous call. Otherwise, the API will return an error message - error_concurrent!
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Installing software for checking email addresses on your own hosting

We can install software for checking email addresses on your hosting (the package includes address verification functions, but not the verification service store itself). The cost of software and advice on installation and use is 900 euros. Our contacts.