A few words about the reputation of users

User reputation is an important indicator that indicates as how much other users in our network approve of user actions and his publications.

Positive reputation cannot be bought. But if the reputation is negative, you can level it up to the initial level (100 points) by paying a fine.

The higher the reputation of the user, the higher his commercial publications in the general list, as well as the loyalty of other users.

Keep in mind that if you lower the reputation of another user, your reputation will also decrease. Be kind, friendly, help other users of our network, and your reputation will be at the highest level!

Your reputation:

History of your reputation

Your reputation will increase if:

You visit our social network every day;
You made a new post;
You have commented on another post;
You sold the service through our network;
You placed an ad;
User liked your post;
You invited a friend by your referral link. Your referral link:
Main page: https://guelman.ru/?r=0

Your reputation will decrease if:

You have reduced the reputation of another user;
We have received a complaint against you or your publication;
You broke our rules;
You have not been with us for a long time;
You sold a low-quality service to another user;
User did not like your post.

We do not disclose all the conditions for changing the reputation!

Be sure to pay attention to the reputation of users!

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